My Childcare Setting

My home in Pewsham, Chippenham

My Home

As a childminder, I care for children at my home in Pewsham, Chippenham. It is a large, detached house with a safe, clean and smoke-free living space. I have a variety of toys, books and games suitable for children of various ages. I also have an enclosed rear garden with a selection of play equipment.

I live within close walking distance to the Kings Lodge Primary School in Chippenham. I am also within walking distance of the local shops in Pewsham, the Kings Rise Children’s Centre in Chippenham and the local park which the children enjoy.

Get in Touch

I would love to meet you and get to know your child and I’m always happy to arrange a visit to my home. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your childcare needs.

Toys & Activities

I have a large selection of toys which are available to the children throughout the day. I encourage supervised free-play in the morning and afternoon which helps to build confidence and supports development. The children can play with a selection of toys including:

  • Role play e.g. toy kitchen and shop
  • Dressing up box
  • Dolls and pushchairs
  • Books for all ages
  • Jigsaw puzzles for all ages
  • Ride on toys and scooters
  • Transport toys (e.g. cars/trains)
  • Teddies and soft toys
  • Craft and drawing materials
  • Painting and sticking
  • Building blocks (e.g. Duplo)
  • Interactive toys (e.g. lights/sounds)
  • Supervised water/sand play
  • Supervised play on garden toys
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